About Me

I would like to call myself a rapper. I wish I was in the same league as hip hop artists such as Logic, A$AP Rocky, Tyga, 2 Chainz, to name a few of the greats… But since I am about the whitest of white girls, that’s not happening. Also, because I couldn’t spit a rhyme even if Kanye offered to feature me on his next single. So my preferred mode of expression has always been the written word.

Be it a poem, short story or essay; whatever could contain what my heart was letting out, was the structure I chose. We all know that having an outlet for your emotions can aid you in processing them, and in today’s world of money, men and media, there is always something on my mind. 

Though sometimes, I just have my adorable dog on my mind-

Lately I’ve been inspired by some social media stars and YouTube personalities and it makes me think ‘Heyyyy, I wanna share my stuff too!’ I mean I have issues, (don’t we all?) so I have plenty to say about parents, past loves and pop culture. 

Just like the rappers and hip hop artists that I so admire, I too consider myself a wordsmith and by far my greatest inspiration to put down words is the author Paul Auster. Anyone who has read one of his novels will know what emotions he can evoke with his descriptions and how he somehow manages to write a little piece of every human being into all of his characters. This is a complexity that I can only dream of mastering one day. 

Until then, I hope you all enjoy what I put out now! 🙂


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