Not Unusual Thoughts

8:33: ‘Good morning babe, did you sleep well? The weather really sucks, won’t be fun when I play football with the boys later! But I look forward to seeing you tonight. Love you!’
‘I slept really well my baby! I hope you have fun at football, I should also go for a run even though it’s raining. Don’t want to… it’s gonna be so nice tonight! Love you too
I should get up now, ok just checking instagram, let’s see, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Miranda Kerr… Wait what’s that? Such a pretty smoothie, a very berry smoothie it says. Such a nice red color, damn it looks mouth-watering. I’m gonna make that!

8:50: Let me see, I have a banana, milk, noooo no berries? No very berry smoothie for me. Well, then it’s gonna be oatmeal with banana. That’s just as healthy, and more filling. I’ll just do a vegan version, like they all do on YouTube. With some honey and cinnamon on top, that’s the right way to start the day! 

9:02: Wow that looks good, maybe I should become a blogger. Mmm, yeah that tastes good. But maybe it’s a bit bland, when made with water? I mean it does taste good when made with the 2% milk. Oh well, now it’s vegan, which equals healthy… but isn’t there gluten in the oats actually? Or is that only in bread and pasta? But is gluten healthy when it’s whole wheat? What even is gluten? 

10:15: Great it’s pouring down. I wonder if it’ll stop later? Ok it doesn’t look too bad, I think I can run. But I don’t want to put on all my running wear only to not be able to leave because there’s suddenly a cloudburst. Just checking the forecast, oh it’s gonna stop raining in a bit. Fuck, now I have to go. 

11:11: So that was tough, seven kilometers. But was it long enough? Aren’t people always posting their runs of like 10-12 kilometers? Well I guess if it’s tough for me it’s good enough. Seven kilometers, I feel like I pushed myself. Or am I tired because I’m weak? 

11:32: Ahhh the coffee smells good, I can already feel it warming me up. Yes well now I have to add milk, even though it’s not lactose free. Almond milk is too expensive anyways. What do poor vegans do? Put sugar in? But what if you’re on a sugar free diet? Then the coffee will be bitter. I guess that’s why they all those pretty models preach about green tea. Wonder whether I could maintain a sugar free diet, can’t be that hard?

12:45: What? How can I spend so much time watching women who are putting on make-up and cooking?? Now I’m also hungry, but at least I got a bunch of inspo. 

12:48: How exactly do those bloggers manage to create such healthy and delicious dishes so quickly? Well of course they edit a lot the videos and then it helps that they already have all the ingredients right there in the fridge. What do I have? Some bell peppers, cucumber, carrots… I could make a salad. It’ll be so fresh and colorful! I really should become a blogger, I’m quite good at making ‘Instagram-worthy’ meals. 

13:07: Omg so boring to cut the vegetables, I hate it! But it looks appetizing enough, just pouring a biiiit of olive oil on, and I guess I should put some salt on. Wow, full of vitamins. This will probably provide me with much more energy than a cup of coffee, it’s pure, clean nutrition for my body. Can’t believe that people actually want to eat processed food when you can fuel your body with such natural aliments. Why don’t we eat like this all the time? Now I’m gonna enjoy my lunch and do something good for my body. 

13:29: Yeah ok, it might’ve been the wrong ingredients. Who wants to eat raw bell peppers anyways? It was so dry. Should probably have used avocado. But did I get enough protein by the way? I did go running… do I have any nuts? Great! Have the rest of my peanut m&m’s!

14:04: ‘Hey sweetie, I miss you. Was football fun?’
‘Yeah it was great, we won! I miss you too. Just going over to my mom’s place now, gonna be boring. And then I’ll come over!’
Aww he’s so sweet. I bet it’ll be boring with his mom, seeing as she complains about everything. I’ll have to make him a good dinner tonight. 

14:37: What the fuck is that? Did I get my first wrinkle? A smile wrinkle, had no idea that I walk around smiling so much. Well that’s over now for sure. And that’s with all the products that I use… then it must be because of sugar. Yes, and carbs. No more pasta! Well maybe just if it’s gluten free, must remember to find out what gluten is. 

15:00: So, what am I getting at the supermarket? There was that yummy looking beetroot dish on YouTube… it’s the perfect season for that! And then I could serve it with a tuna salad on the side, and add some spring onions. Mmm I’m getting hungry just from the thought of it. 

15:43: Of course it’s still raining. Now where did I put my grocery bag? Oh, but he doesn’t like beetroot. He also doesn’t like tuna. God I’m stupid. What should I make for dinner then? Let me check, can I find some inspiration on Insta?

15:51: Ok, so I’m guessing none of these women have a boyfriend? It’s not possible to get a man to eat quinoa with chickpeas? Wonder if there even exists profiles with men that show us vegan meals on a budget? 

16:14: And broccoli. At least the noodles are whole wheat. Yup I guess that’s all I need for wok. With chicken it can’t be so bad? Uhh there’s an offer on ice cream! He’ll love that, we can have that with the movie. Damn it’s hard to become a health blogger as long as you have a boyfriend…



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