Where Do We Stand?

Once again you have left me on my own, left me to myself, my thoughts, my fears. Yesterday I let my true feelings be known, though you did not reciprocate.
Only in actions, not in words.
I fear the loneliness and thought you would keep me safe.
Though now I am not certain…
Should I hold back, so as not to scare you away?
I do not want to live in restraint, and my red heart can not resist your beaming face.
I am a mere mortal, and you a divinity from whom I cannot escape.
Am I your sole prisoner, or one among many?
I feel no urge to flee and I am rendered powerless in your presence, stunned by your prowess and your winning ways.
Snuggling in bed with you, wrapped in your warm arms, I wish to tell you I love you.


3 thoughts on “Where Do We Stand?

    1. i’m happy to know that you’re doing well now! your words and you seem really beautiful! if you’d pass by, i think i’d fall for you! 🙂


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