Alone Again

Do not be mad, my dear.
My dark mood has once again tainted our joyful love, it is once again slowly tearing away at our connection and I can only hope that after this blissful weekend spent among bedsheets, our ties are strong enough to withstand my attacks.
Though my despair only arises when my heart is empty and my longing is full.
And how can I not feel this way?
You leave my bed, my room, my life, with your touch still lingering on my skin, once again I face a day without you.
I cling to memories of your warm, strong arms holding me in my sleep, of your sweet lips that brushed against mine before you left.
I can feel your soft, powerful tongue invading my mouth, and your skillful fingers invading me elsewhere.
You have drawn me in and tied me up and now I am yours.
So why must you leave me?
Why must I be left alone when my desire burns for you with more passion than ever?
It is torturous and I want to find peace by having you in my daily life, by getting into bed with you every night.


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