Je t’aime

Three little words.
How I wish I could tell you. But I won’t. I refuse to tell you before I know you reciprocate my feelings.
I am already in the fool’s position, though I have been placed here unwillingly. I must guard my heart to the extent that I can.
I wish to give all of myself to you, no limits, no boundaries. But how can I, with the knowledge I posses- and what is worse- with the fear of what I have not yet learned?
Lie upon lie, are you truly a great man? Do we deserve one another?
I am certain that once we are together, all my doubts and worries will fade away and that the ideal situation would be to remain in those heavenly days last September, wandering the streets of Nice, frolicking at the beach in Cannes.
Yet the reality is that we exist under different skies, giving me time to think and rationalise.
Letting me despise you and love you.
I am in too deep to give up on you now, so I must wait it out, suffer, and let myself in and out of paradise as you come and go.
For tonight I want you and need you as much as ever and I will continue to be swept away by your charming and lovable manner.


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