Not Unusual Thoughts

8:33: ‘Good morning babe, did you sleep well? The weather really sucks, won’t be fun when I play football with the boys later! But I look forward to seeing you tonight. Love you!’ ‘I slept really well my baby! I hope you have fun at football, I should also go for a run even though […]

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Time To Think

Time passes on, always hastily, though never quick enough. Always yearning for what is to come, I often grasp hopelessly for the past. To change the past, to relive the past… A mix of sweet and tortured memories. An unclear future lies ahead, both frightening and comforting. Do I dismiss the present while waiting for […]

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Where Do We Stand?

Once again you have left me on my own, left me to myself, my thoughts, my fears. Yesterday I let my true feelings be known, though you did not reciprocate. Only in actions, not in words. I fear the loneliness and thought you would keep me safe. Though now I am not certain… Should I […]

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Alone Again

Do not be mad, my dear. My dark mood has once again tainted our joyful love, it is once again slowly tearing away at our connection and I can only hope that after this blissful weekend spent among bedsheets, our ties are strong enough to withstand my attacks. Though my despair only arises when my […]

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One kiss

One kiss, so brief, so sweet. So tender and soft, your lips treat me well. I felt our lips could melt together in the heat of the glistening summer sun. I did not linger for I knew it was wrong, and now I know the sweet taste of the forbidden fruit. And with that one […]

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I write this in solitude, alone with my frustration and surprise. Surprised over his sudden presence in my life, once again. So unexpected, my uncertain thoughts have not yet come to term with the situation. Undecided as to whether I should cling to the barrier I created after he let me down last, or whether […]

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Je t’aime

Three little words. How I wish I could tell you. But I won’t. I refuse to tell you before I know you reciprocate my feelings. I am already in the fool’s position, though I have been placed here unwillingly. I must guard my heart to the extent that I can. I wish to give all […]

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